The gist of it all...

Hi there, my name is Aub & welcome to Lavation Soaps, a soap house of unique fragrances (and fragrance-free too) soaps made in the traditional cold process method with modern formulations of skin-loving ingredients. I started my soapmaking journey in early 2007 and it's been my biggest passion and love since. The fledgling ideas of Lavation started in 2016 with a beautiful soulfriend of mine, and together we created the bones of what Lava is today. 

Here you'll find a variety of soaps made for hand, body & now surface, with new soaps and styles seasonally. Always studying and learning and growing, I am also a participant of The Soap Challenge Club, where a group of incredible soapmakers from around the world create soaps built around monthly themes and techniques.

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The Quality

Focusing first and foremost on ingredient benefits and sustainability has been the driving force since day one. From the packaging to my suppliers, choices are made to do my part as a soap supplier to cut down on waste and garbage so those worries aren't placed on you. I vote with my money, and only support suppliers who have similar ideologies to my own. I strive to make as many of my purchases through other small businesses, and a few are woman owned, just like Lava.

Here you'll find plenty of expertly formulated recipes built from luxury oils & butters made especially for everyday use. I strive to have every ingredient have a purpose, and love working with interesting additives and natural colorants to make a long-lasting and decadent bar of soap that leaves you feeling nothing but clean & soft.

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The Scents

With scents from fresh to cozy, I especially love creating blends featuring nostalgic notes that we know and love.  Scent can have a powerful impact on feelings & memories, but really these scents are all made for you, so if you have any ideas for scents or ingredients you'd love to see in a soap, please feel free to reach out! While I might not be able to make batches for every request, I also do custom loaves in batches as small as a pound, so if you have scent memory you'd like to see in the form of a beautiful and custom bar of soap, please email at and let's see if we can make it happen together.