Dish & Surface Soap

Dish & Surface Soap

Cleanse grease & grime from dish and surface with this long-lasting bubbly bar. Add water and agitate with your chosen tool (sponges and brushes both work beautifully) to create dense lather. You can repeat this a few times to add soap to sinks for soaking or apply lather directly to messes and scrub away.


Sitting in small amounts of water won’t hurt these too much, but an extra second of care to remove excess water from the dish and allowing to dry between uses extends the life of these soaps. I just give mine a little shake really quick and move on with my day and see over a month of daily use per bar.


These are formulated with just a few simple ingredients that pack a powerful cleaning punch. Coconut oil for its cleansing abilities, soy wax for longevity, castor oil for your skin and citric acid to help aid in a residue-free clean.


These soaps are made for 5 oz ramekins, available here or maybe you have one at home. If not needed, no need for a ramekin at all, they fit most soap dishes and soap lifts. These are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles of dish soap and leaves behind no waste to recycle or dispose of.


Bar weight- 4.5 oz/ 126 g