Lavender / Black Pepper / Sage

Lavender / Black Pepper / Sage

Rich in almond oil and colloidal oats, these rounds were made as part of super small batches for entry for Soap Challenge Club in December 2020. These floral and herbal scented bars are naturally colored with madder, alkanet &indigo powders, along with cocoa powder, kaolin clay, and a touch of black oxide. They feature a soothing & silky lotion-like lather that gently cleanses while leaving skin soft and fresh.

Bar weight 2.6 oz/72 g

  • Ingredients

    olive oil, distilled water, almond oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, mango butter cocoa butter, castor oil, fragrance, colloidal oats, madder root powder, alkanet root powder, indigo powder, cocoa powder, black oxide, kaolin clay, sodium lactate